Woodworm is the commonly used term for a number of wood boring insects which lay their eggs on or in timber and whose larvae bore through the wood leaving a network of tunnels, damaging and weakening the structure.


Woodworm attack is varied – both in the type of timber which different species infest and their larval life-span which can range from ten months to 11 years. This means that accurate identification by the surveyor is the first essential step because not all infestations need treatment.


The 4 main woodworm species are:-


Common Furniture Beetle
This beetle is largely responsible for about 75% of damage to property.   


House Longhorn Beetle
The largest and most damaging but restricted mainly to the southern Home Counties.


Wood Boring Weevil
Normally associated with damp timber and wet rot decay.


Death Watch Beetle
Attacks hardwood and a damaging borer in old buildings such as churches.


We use a micro-emulsion insecticidal formulation applied by spray or brush that has virtually no odour and the area is considered safe 1-2 hours after treatment.


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